Content Culture Diary

Death by meetings is an underrated pandemic. Do you intentionally choose the purpose of gathering?

Brainstorms are my pet peeve because most are poorly done.

Sitting around a table (or zoom call) eyeballing each other until the people with the highest rank say something. Or the extroverts and self-promoters takeover and have a party for one.

Meetings can be influential if controlled. On second thought, control is not the right word. Add constraints to your meetings.

An under appreciated tool in crafting great ideas is the clarity an agenda and process brings. It keeps everyone on their toes and focuses the discussions. While small talk is great, it keeps the breadth of discussion small.

Diversions and digressions are counterproductive in life and business. Set agendas and processes. The boring stuff are the building blocks to the extraordinary

Stella Njogo

Stella Njogo

I am a writer and curator sailing the seas of digital culture and content strategy. Exploring courage, content, and community.