I am a writer and curator sailing the seas of digital culture and content strategy. Exploring courage, content, and community.

Do you consider yourself courageous? In a world where superhero stories are a normal part of the culture, where does courage for the ordinary person lie? David, in the story of his victory against Goliath, is the closest we come to acknowledge the power of everyday people.

While the story…

Beginnings seem to call for a neat start. A natural genesis. Like the morning. Where the promise of a new day gives you a chance to start over.

But only those mornings where you wake up neatly before the sunrise. When you can pat yourself on the back for keeping…

Content Culture Diary

Simple things are scary. Simple questions are jarring.

Simplicity frightens us because it implies that we should have clarity while addressing it. But often, the opposite is true.

“Who are you”?

Each time I think of it, I shudder.

“Tell me about yourself!”

When someone asks me, I freeze in…

Content Culture Diary

Escaping work is a fallacy in the modern world. A never-ending mental tension created by the campaign for work-life balance. A goal often too lofty to achieve.

Work-life balance is a fool’s errand.

I believe in work-life integration. A revelation that freed me from the need to stop thinking about…

Content Culture Diary

The essential things feel like home. But we have to be careful that family doesn’t become too familiar. When you become blind to beauty, learn to catch yourself before you stop appreciating the joy and companions around you.

Blessings are silent visitors. Unassuming yet potent. They feel like clouds floating…

Content Culture Diary

Wearing the heart on your sleeve is frightening. Dust and storms may come and toss it into the dirt. Throw it into the darkness.

A better option is to talk your heart out. I’ve not always been a talker. Growing up, I was the quiet kid in the corner who…

Content Culture Diary

Death by meetings is an underrated pandemic. Do you intentionally choose the purpose of gathering?

Brainstorms are my pet peeve because most are poorly done.

Sitting around a table (or zoom call) eyeballing each other until the people with the highest rank say something. Or the extroverts and self-promoters takeover and have a party for one.

Meetings can be influential if controlled. On second thought, control is not the right word. Add constraints to your meetings.

An under appreciated tool in crafting great ideas is the clarity an agenda and process brings. It keeps everyone on their toes and focuses the discussions. While small talk is great, it keeps the breadth of discussion small.

Diversions and digressions are counterproductive in life and business. Set agendas and processes. The boring stuff are the building blocks to the extraordinary

Content Culture Diary

Clarify your intentions

Have you ever felt that someone made a thing just for you? So perfectly suited to you that you get suspicious? It’s a rare feeling. But it’s the magic of intention.

The intention separates a performance that sticks with you and one that doesn’t. It sparks purposeful action.

Your intention…

Content Culture Diary

Others will follow where you’re willing to lead yourself

I love to listen to podcasts on my daily walks. Smiling to myself under the mask is the highlight of my days. One of the few upsides of walking around with a face mask.

Since I am a card carrying Gimlet media junkie, I was listening to an episode of…

Stella Njogo

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