Content Culture Diary

Finding Balance by Loosing it

Work-life balance is a fool’s errand.

Escaping work is a fallacy in the modern world. A never-ending mental tension created by the campaign for work-life balance. A goal often too lofty to achieve.

Work-life balance is a fool’s errand.

I believe in work-life integration. A revelation that freed me from the need to stop thinking about work. Work and life and forever bound by our values. Therefore, if your values are aligned, why would you ever need to separate the two?

If you look at the people who left indelible marks in our hearts, you’ll notice that these heroes aligned their work and lives. Blurring the line between where their personal life began and their career ended.

My hero is Maya Angelou. She worked with words and watched how she lived within them. Words were her tools and lifestyle. Anything less than that, and she would not have been the profound changemaker she was.

In the pursuit of purpose, life and work are fluid. Separating the two is the unfortunate result of the commodification of labor.

We live in a society where your skills and values don’t need to align as long as you get work done. The tragedy of modern-day work is that it leaves a gaping hole in those stuck in the rat race.

The race to nowhere stops when you embrace alignment.

Work morphs from being a transaction to spark new interests. It compels your everyday interactions to uplift those who come into contact with you.

In alignment, nothing is inconsequential. It becomes impossible to sit on the sidelines passively. Roll up your sleeves and create your best work and life one moment at a time. Find your alignment.

I am a writer and curator sailing the seas of digital culture and content strategy. Exploring courage, content, and community.